Executive Functioning

We recognize that today’s kids are growing up in complex times.  Information overload combined with increased expectations can be overwhelming and affect our ability to be our best selves. In addition to these external pressures, many of our students have ADHD and/or executive function issues which puts them at a significant disadvantage. The Academy Way is to support students with the development of executive function skills throughout their day.

Along with Life-Coaching, we start the day with GO Time (Get Organized).  We take this time each morning to set and reflect on goals, organize our materials, check on how we are feeling and make a plan for a successful day.  During POWER UPs, students have time to move and recharge throughout the day.  They begin to understand what they need in order to focus, stay organized and be the best they can be.  Students with significant executive function challenges will be provided with 1:1 coaching on an as needed basis.