Path 1 – Structured Literacy

Path 1 – Structured Literacy is a critical part of The Academy Way model. Research demonstrates that Structured Literacy is the most effective way to help students who have Dyslexia, other severe reading challenges, language processing issues, and/or poor writing and spelling skills. In fact, current research shows that a Structured Literacy program is the best way to teach all children how to read. We use the Wilson Reading System at all of our physical campuses and our virtual school.

Path 1 – Structured Literacy

As stated by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), “Successful literacy instruction and interventions provide a strong core of highly explicit, systematic teaching of foundation skills such as decoding and spelling skills, as well as explicit teaching of other important components of literacy such as vocabulary, comprehension, and writing and provides the primary effectiveness of our approach.”

A Structured Literacy program includes the following elements as defined by the IDA:

  • 1) Phonology
  • 2) Sound-Symbol Association
  • 3) Syllable Instruction
  • 4) Morphology
  • 5) Syntax
  • 6) Semantics

You can find more specifics about the above elements in the IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know

All of our teachers have the necessary training, experience, and licenses/certifications from Wilson in order to teach your child effectively.

We encourage you to learn more about Structured Literacy practices by clicking this link containing additional information from the IDA. 

Path 1 – Structured Literacy