Tuition Lock

Tuition Lock is a unique approach to helping launch each of our individual schoool campuses. Each school campus has its own published Tuition Lock fee and this fee is paid to “lock-in” you child’s tuition at the school’s published inagural year Tuition Lock tuition rate. This Tuition Lock tuition rate is significantly lower than the school’s regular tuition rate. This opportunity is only for the school’s inagural year.

This Tuition Lock tuition rate will remain in place for the duration of time he/she attends an Academy campus. For example, if your child enters the 3rd grade at The Academy NJ for the 2021-2022 school year at our published Tuition-Lock rate of $28,500, then this will be their tuition rate each year thereafter and until he/she graduates 12th grade in 2031-2032. The first year regular tuition rate (non Tuition Lock rate) for The Academy NJ is $35,000 and the Tuition Lock fee is $5,000.

After 5 years, you can elect to either donate this $5,000 Tuition Lock fee to our tuition non-profit, Support Dyslexic Children, Inc., as a tax-deductible charitable contribution or we will return this fee to you in full. Either way, these funds help offset all of the immense startup costs that it takes to launch one of our schools and we appreciate your contribution very much.

If you have specific questions about this Tuition Lock opportunity or anything related to Tuition at any of our Academy campuses, pleaase send an email to Tuition@TheAcademyWay.org.