We offer Wilson Reading System Tutoring to students in 3rd – 12th grade, as well as to adults of all ages. Wilson is a very successful and research-based Structured Literacy program. We offer this tutoring onsite or virtually in a 1 to 1 setting with one of our amazing teachers.

Each tutoring session lasts for 50 minutes and can be taken 2 or 3 times per week. We schedule tutoring sessions during the same time each week and follow our year-round school calendar.

As do most students who “take” Wilson, our Academy students experience enormous success and progress with Wilson Reading System Tutoring.

Wilson Reading System Tutoring

Scheduling: You have the option of selecting Wilson Tutoring 2xs per week (averaging 8 times per month) or 3xs per week (averaging 12 times per month) based on available days and times.

Time Frame: Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes.


  • 2 times per week = $680 per month
  • 3 times per week = $960 per month

Payments: Payments are due in full by the last business day of each month and before any services are provided for the next month. There are no adjustments or proration for longer or shorter months. An invoice at the end of each month to make your electronic tuition payment.

Wilson Reading System Tutoring

The Wilson Reading System® follows a ten-part lesson plan that moves at a quick pace, while there is constant interaction between teacher and student.

Wilson Language recommends that a minimum of two complete lessons per week should be taught by a WRS certified instructor. Additionally, and due to the cumulative nature of the program and rates of progress as outlined by Wilson Language, The Academy NJ asks families to commit to a mininum of 3 months of Wilson Tutoring.

During this time, we measure student progress and report it weekly to families. After 3 months, we are certain you will see substantial progress with your son/daughter.