Life-Coaching is an awesome and unique part of The Academy Way. We believe there is no more important task for educators than ensuring the emotional and physical health and safety of our students.  

Life-Coaching occurs first thing in the morning for all of our students across all of our campuses for 20-30 minutes depending on the age and grade-level of our students. During this time, we divide our entire a campus’ entire student body into groups to talk about LIFE. Nothing interrupts Life-Coaching. That’s how significant we deem this time for the health and well-being of our school and children.

Age and grade-level dependent, during Life-Coaching we focus on the following 5 areas:

  1. 1. Current Events
  2. 2. Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement
  3. 3. Serving Others
  4. 4. Manners
  5. 5. Relationships

It is our goal  that each student builds a lasting and meaningful relationship with an adult in the school who they can turn to in a time of need or crisis. Special bonds created between students is another awesome outcome of our Life-Coaching environment.

As students get older, gender specific and smaller-sized groups are created. When possible, an adult of the same gender as the students is assigned to each Life-Coaching group. Please know that any information a student shares during Life-Coaching which may jeopardize their emotional or physical safety is immediately shared with parents.